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Web Server and Application Server

Web Server

A Web Server can resolve (handles) HTTP request (protocol). When the web server received a HTTP request, it will return a HTTP response to clients, for example sent back a HTML page? We will further illustrate this process, when a request is sent to the Web server where came, it only simply put this request is passed to the named server can handle the request(server-side) program, so only a Web server can be executed on the server side(server-side) program and return (program generated) response of the environment, and do not exceed the scope of functions.

Only the application server will have ability to do transaction processing, database connectivity and messaging. The web server do not have these futures, but it can be achieved through configurations. In addition, we also can achieve some futures like ‘fault tolerance’, ‘scalability’,’load balancing’ and ‘caching’ etc.

Web Server only can handle HTTP request, sent the response back the the client(browser. Mainly, it will process the information of session, request, response, HTML, Java Script, CS etc. Most common used Web Server like IIS, Apache.

Application Server

Application server provides that a client application can call the method for clientapplications. The method that can be called, can also become commercial(business) logic, application these servers are used to process business logic.

Furthermore between the application server and its clients back and forth (traveling) the information is not limited to simple display markup, such as static HTML, including information passed back and forth (takes) the data and method calls.

The application server is to provide (serves) business logic (business logic) through a number of agreements for the application or client. For example, application server JSP, non-routine WEB Pages (JSP files) processed, the WEB page generated dynamically and then sent to the client(In fact, when a JSP application server finished processing the request and complete the JSP HTML it generated the task is finished, the rest is handled by the server process the WEB).

Application Server and Web Server

Inside the ‘B/S’ architecture, Web server is the prerequisite and basis for the application server. Web server accepts the request from the Browse (http). To extend Web applications(such as dealing with the background Database) early you can use some DLL can be done, then the companies with rich application server performance in this respect, the forthcoming Web servers and application servers one after the other.

Now most application servers also contain a Web server, which means you can put as a Web server is a subset of the application server. And we will contain the Web server application server is called the Web application server.

Apache Http Server

Apache is the most widely used web server around world. The Apache is successful, because of it is open source software and it support all major operation systems (Unix, Linux, BSD, Windows).


Tomcat is a Java-based Web applications and JSP Web Servlet container to run applications, but does not include EJB container. Tomcat Server is a free open source Web application server. Tomcat is the Apache Software Foundation of the Jakarta project, a core project, the Apache, Sun and other companies and individuals to develop from. Thanks to Sun’s involvement and support, the latest Servlet and JSP specifications can always be reflected in Tomcat, Tomcat supports the latest Servlet and JSP specifications. Because Tomcat advanced technology, stable performance, and it’s free, so loved by fans of Java and has been recognized by some software developers become more popular Web application server.

WebSphere (IBM)

IBM’s Websphere product, J2EE support for Jsp, Servlet and EJB. WebSphere is the leading software platform for on-demand e-commerce era. It can develop, deploy and integrate next-generation e-business applications, such as B2B e-commerce, and support publishing web content from simple to enterprise-class transaction processing business applications, containing JSP and Servlet container, you can do web container, also It contains EJB container, complete web application server.

JBoss (Red Hat)

JBoss contain ‘JSP’ and ‘Servlet’ Containers, so it can be used as a web container, also it can be an EJB (Enterprise Java Bin) container, it is a complete Web application server?Also, JBoss is a J2EE application server running EJB? It is open sourced, follow all J2EE standards.

Weblogic (BEA -> Oracle)

Weblogic developed by BEA (now own by ORACLE), it is used as development, integration, deployment and manage big distribution web application, network application and database application. The Java’s dynamic features and safety standards introduced Java Enterprise development of large network applications, integration, deployment and management.


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