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Oracle Installation & Configuration

Oracle 11g R2 RAC on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.11 with Virtual Box – Section 1 The Database Environment

Oracle RAC Nodes

Node Name Instance Name Database Name Processor RAM Operation System
orcl11gnode1 TESTDB1 TESTDB.newzonetech.com 2 Virtual CPU 3GB Oracel Enterprise Linux 5 upgrade 11
orcl11gnode2 TESTDB2 2 Virtual CPU 3GB Oracel Enterprise Linux 5 upgrade 11


Network Configuration

Node Name Public IP Private IP Virtual IP SCAN Name SCAN IP
orcl11gnode1 testdb-cluster-scan
orcl11gnode1 testdb-cluster-scan


Oracle Software Components

Software Component OS User Primary Group Supplementary Groups Home Directory Oracle Base/Oracle Home
Grid Infrastructure grid oinstall asmadmin, asmdba, asmoper /home/grid /ora/app/grid, /oragi/app/
Oracle RAC oracle oinstall dba, oper, asmdba /home/oracle /ora/app/oracle, /ora01/app/oracle/product/


Storage Components

Storage Component File System Volume Size ASM Volume Group Name ASM Redundancy Share Disk Volume Name
OCR/Voting Disk ASM 5GB +CRS External testdb-crs01
Database Files ASM 30GB +TESTDBDATA External testdb-data01
Fast Recovery Area ASM 30GB +TESTDBFRA External testdb-fra01

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