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Oracle 11g R2 RMAN Clone

Duplicate a database using Rman backups in oracle 11gR2 RAC . Duplicating a database or database cloning creates a seperate database that contains all or subset of the source database. Here we don’t have to establish the network connection between the source and target host servers, we just need to copy all the rman backups … Continue reading

Oracle 11g R2 RAC on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.11 with Virtual Box – Section 2 Install OEL 5.11

Install Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 upgrade 11 Insert the Oracle Enterprise Linux 5u11 iso into the virtual machine and powerup the virtual machine. Select the language English(English) and click Next Ignore the warning message by select Yes, click Next Select Create custom layout. and click Next Select the partition /dev/sda, Add Partition. Create a swap … Continue reading

Oracle SQL Plan Baseline

Oracle Database SQL Plan Baseline (11g) First, the basic concept Oracle 11g began to provide a new method of fixed operating plan that is SQL plan baseline; it can be summarized in the following two: Provide stable operation plan to the SQL Statement. Prevent the operating environment or object statistics and other factors change have … Continue reading

java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: No more data to read from socket cause by connection pool running out

java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: No more data to read from socket caused by connection pool running out Issues Currently, in Oracle database server is built on more than one tablespace for different systems, both systems at the same time in the course of a project being developed in a test run, appeared from time to time the connection … Continue reading

Oracle Automatic Storage Management – Overview

ASM(Automatic Storage Management) is a main push storage solution from Oracle, ASM and RDBMS are very similar, ASM is the instance and files can also be maintained through sqlplus tool. DBAs can create and delete ASM instances through DBCA. Also they can use grid command to finish the same tasks. ASM instance requires CSS process, … Continue reading

Oracle 11g R2 RAC on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.11 with Virtual Box – Section 1 The Database Environment

Oracle RAC Nodes Node Name Instance Name Database Name Processor RAM Operation System orcl11gnode1 TESTDB1 TESTDB.newzonetech.com 2 Virtual CPU 3GB Oracel Enterprise Linux 5 upgrade 11 orcl11gnode2 TESTDB2 2 Virtual CPU 3GB Oracel Enterprise Linux 5 upgrade 11   Network Configuration Node Name Public IP Private IP Virtual IP SCAN Name SCAN IP orcl11gnode1 … Continue reading

Set Oracle User password never expired

Sometime the Oracle User account password need to set to never expire 1、First, to check the user belong to which profile,normal the user belong to ‘default’ group: 2、Check the password policy for the profile( for example ‘default’): 3、Change the password expire period from 180 days to unlimited: 4、After the password expire period change, reset the … Continue reading

Standard Practice to build an Oracle 11g R2 Database Server (Keep Add on)

Standard Practice to build an Oracle Database Server 1) Re-locate the sys.aud$ to a dedicated tablespace 2) Using spfile instead of pfile 3) If the database use as production database, set the database to archivelog mode

Use RMAN to restore the (lost or damaged) control file

Control File Recovery The loss of the control file divided into two situations, one is one of the control file is damaged or missed, the other is all the control files are missing. Based on the first case, only the good control file copy in case of damage or loss of the control file path. … Continue reading

Oracle Database Recovery – in summary

Oracle Database Recovery Determine whether you need to perform a recovery Access different interfaces (such as Enterprise Manager and the command line) Describe and use the available programs such as Recovery Manager (RMAN) and data recovery guide perform recovery for the following files: Control file Redo log files Data File Open Database To open an … Continue reading