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Oracle Automatic Storage Management – Overview

ASM(Automatic Storage Management) is a main push storage solution from Oracle, ASM and RDBMS are very similar, ASM is the instance and files can also be maintained through sqlplus tool. DBAs can create and delete ASM instances through DBCA. Also they can use grid command to finish the same tasks. ASM instance requires CSS process, … Continue reading

How to relocated the Oracle Database datafile between ASM Disk

–Rename non-system datafiles –offline the datafile –using the rman ‘COPY’ to create a rman backup for the datafile –rename the datafile in the database –switch the datafile mapper to the copy, it will cause the change of the control file –media recover datafile –Bring the datafile online –Repeat the process for all non-system datafile

Binding ASM Disk with Linux Multipath and Udev on SLES11 SP2

To use the Multipath and Udev, we have to understand what are they, why we want to use it. What is ‘Device Mapper Multipath’ (multipath I/O)? Device Mapper Multipath(DM-Multipath)can configure muliple I/O links between the server nodes to SAN as a single device. These I/O links might consist with various cables, switches and SCSI controllers  … Continue reading