Oracle Database backup and recovery

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Oracle 11g R2 RMAN Clone

Duplicate a database using Rman backups in oracle 11gR2 RAC . Duplicating a database or database cloning creates a seperate database that contains all or subset of the source database. Here we don’t have to establish the network connection between the source and target host servers, we just need to copy all the rman backups … Continue reading

Use RMAN to restore the (lost or damaged) control file

Control File Recovery The loss of the control file divided into two situations, one is one of the control file is damaged or missed, the other is all the control files are missing. Based on the first case, only the good control file copy in case of damage or loss of the control file path. … Continue reading

Oracle Database Recovery – in summary

Oracle Database Recovery Determine whether you need to perform a recovery Access different interfaces (such as Enterprise Manager and the command line) Describe and use the available programs such as Recovery Manager (RMAN) and data recovery guide perform recovery for the following files: Control file Redo log files Data File Open Database To open an … Continue reading