Oracle Database Performance Tuning

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Oracle SQL Plan Baseline

Oracle Database SQL Plan Baseline (11g) First, the basic concept Oracle 11g began to provide a new method of fixed operating plan that is SQL plan baseline; it can be summarized in the following two: Provide stable operation plan to the SQL Statement. Prevent the operating environment or object statistics and other factors change have … Continue reading

Oracle Performance Analysis Section2: TKPROF Introduction

Oracle’s own tkprof is a command-line tool, the main role is to trace the original files into formatted text file, the easiest use is as follows: tkprof with many parameters, in most cases, the use of your analysis of these parameters would be helpful tkprof parameters Without any parameters tkprof, it will print out the … Continue reading

Oracle performance Analysis Section1: Open SQL trace file tracking and acquisition

When Oracle query efficiency problems arise, we often need to understand the problem, so as to give solutions for the problem. Oracle provides SQL execution trace information, which includes the text of the SQL statement, the implementation of some statistical information, the process of waiting, and an analysis phase (such as the execution plan) generated. … Continue reading

Oracle Database Index – Basic

Index is a relational database table for storing a record position of each object, the main purpose is to speed up the data read speed and data integrity checks. Indexing is a very demanding technical work. General database design phase must take into account how to design and create the index. Create an index The … Continue reading