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Use RMAN to restore the (lost or damaged) control file

Control File Recovery The loss of the control file divided into two situations, one is one of the control file is damaged or missed, the other is all the control files are missing. Based on the first case, only the good control file copy in case of damage or loss of the control file path. … Continue reading

How to relocated the Oracle Database datafile between ASM Disk

–Rename non-system datafiles –offline the datafile –using the rman ‘COPY’ to create a rman backup for the datafile –rename the datafile in the database –switch the datafile mapper to the copy, it will cause the change of the control file –media recover datafile –Bring the datafile online –Repeat the process for all non-system datafile

Oracle RMAN Command Summary

1、Connect to the target database (Don’t need to recover the catalog database): 2、Display the RMAN configuration in the target database 3、REPORT command: Report the physical schema of the target database Report the data files haven’t been backed up within last 3 days Report the data files haven’t been backed up in the ‘users’ tablespace within … Continue reading