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Oracle Streams – Section2

Oracle Streams – Section2 The basic capture process If the data is modified in the ORACLE database, it will be record into the redolog, so that when an error occurs, to have a way of correction. The Capture process as a background process oracle redolog has the ability to read, so it also has the … Continue reading

Oracle streams – Section1

Oracle Stream – Section1 Oracle Streams Overview Oracle Streams provides a way of sharing information, different from other data sharing mode, Streams even allows data transfer between different types of databases. Oracle Streams to achieve this by its replication process – capturing, transmission and applying. These three steps to transfer the specified information to the … Continue reading

Configure Oracle Streams BI-Directional (11gR2)

Configure Oracle Streams BI-Directional (11gR2) Configure the Oracle database listeners and tnsnames.ora for both main database(source database) and target database Some database instance parameters need to be checked on main database(source database) Some database instance parameters need to be checked on target database In main database server(source database server) – testdb01.newzonetech.com, modify the $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/listener.ora In … Continue reading