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Sybase ASE Knowledge summary Section1 – Sybase ASE Basics

A client / server architecture Sybase is built on a client / server architecture of the database management system. What is a client / server architecture? From a hardware perspective, the client / server architecture refers to a task between two or more machines are allocated where the client (Client) is used to provide a … Continue reading

Sybase ASE Knowledge summary Section3 – Database and transaction log

Creating a user database the log on a separate device, help to improve database performance illustrates:Data_dev Index_dev log_dev If the database and logs on the same device, you can not achieve an incremental backup System and Default segment usually reduced to a range of devices, such as Default section and remove the device Index_dev System … Continue reading

Sybase ASE Knowledge summary Section2 – Database management Device and storage space

Outline Installation Initialization Initial installation SQL Server, the installation program and scripts initialize the master device, and the establishment of master, model, tempdb and sybsystemprocs database. System database, predefined devices and segments organized according to the following default: master, model, tempdb database is installed on the master device sybsystemprocs database installed on the device selected … Continue reading