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Install Apache Tomcat on CentOS Linux

Install Apache Tomcat on CentOS Linux Download and install the Apache Tomcat for Linux For the Apache Tomcat Linux Installation, we want to download the Source Code Distributions version, in this case apache-tomcat-8.0.31.tar.gz Extract the Tomcat package to /usr/local/ Set the environment for Tomcat Add the follow content to the file .bash_profile Run the startup.sh … Continue reading

Install Apache Tomcat 8 on Windows 7

How to install the Apache Tomcat (Version 8) on Windows 7 (64bit) Install the Java SDK 7 (Or above) Download the Java SDK 7 from Oracle Website, open the JDK Installation program and click Next->Next>Next until the Installation is completed Download and Install the Apache Tomcat Download the Apache Tomcat from Apache website, I selected … Continue reading